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Pete Sawyer Wethepeople Ad

Pete Sawyer with one wild luc-e grind down the rail to hard 180 out for Wethepeople’s latest print ad. We don’t see many riders doing this trick, right? especially on a rail.

Wethepeople – In The Month Of Moe

Wethepeople rider Moritz Nussbaumer and filmer Sebi Messerer teamed up and fish for street spots around Stuttgart and Munich, Germany to get a new piece done for the brand. They found plenty of really good spots and filmed even better stunts. Moritz has tons of skills and those nollie barspins he is throwing down look so smooth. It was still cold out there, but nothing can stop a true BMX rider, right? Hit play and enjoy.
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Wethepeople #Rideeverything – LA

Wethepeople pro riders Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz organized a #Rideeverything session at the Garvanza skatepark in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 18th and here is the highlights video. Riders came, good riding went down, challenges were accomplished, prizes were given and this is what makes session/jam a proper one.
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Tim Storey Edit

Australian Wethepeople rider Tim Storey just left for America, so here are the clips he filmed before he went on a trip around streets of Brisbane. Tim is a rider that you never know what to expect from, his skills are on a top level and he has no fear. Dude is a shredder.
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Greg Henry Bike Check

Ten Pack Distribution made a bike check with Greg Henry’s freshly painted Wethepeople C.R.E.A.M. setup that you can now check up on their web site. This is such a dope looking bike, stacked with Wethepeople and Eclat parts.

Wethepeople ETC – Bonus Section

Wethepeople dropped the bonus section from their ETC video from back in 2004, featuring riders you may never heard for before. make yourself comfy, get a cup of tea, coffee or a beer and enjoy in this 18 minutes of classic shredding, big chain-rings and small bars.
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Raul Ruiz Dan’s Comp Ad

Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad featuring Raul Ruiz going with style on a bank to promote Wethepeople, Primo, Quintin and Ipath products. You can find this ad in the 191st issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Moritz Nussbaumer Bike Check

Moritz Nussbaumer built himself up a fresh new WTP Sterling (Pete Sawyer’s signature frame) setup and mixed it up with some new 2014 WTP products. Head over to their site to check more photos and to see what these guys will be offering.

Wethepeople – Dima Pryhodko In Malaga

Dima Pryhodko took a trip to Malaga, Spain recently and came back with a nice collection of street footage, filmed by David Garcia and Fernando Laczko, for his sponsor Wethepeople. Amazing spots, great filming and editing and all this means is that this is an awesome and very enjoyable final product.
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Wethepeople ETC – Frank Lukas

Are you down for some classic flatland riding from back in 2004? I know you are, because Wethepeople uploaded Frank Lukas’ section from their ETC video, filmed and edited by Thomas Fritscher.