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Wethepeople #Rideeverything L.A. Jam

This upcoming Saturday, may 18th, 2013, Wethepeople is throwing down a jam at the Garvanza skatepark in Los Angeles. Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz will be also there giving away some stuff, so make sure you go there, hang out, ride and also to get a chance to win some free stuff.

Wethepeople Versus Bike Test

Wethepeople took the Versus complete bike straight out of the box to the concrete skatepark and asked Timo Klatt, Florian Vieth, Anton Wilms and Thomas Wegerhoffin to test it out. This is definitely one of the best ways to test your bike. If it holds several riders, with different styles, you know it is a good and strong bike.
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Raul Ruiz Wethepeople Ad

I guess this is the first ever Raul Ruiz print ad for Wethepeople. Raul getting a double peg to 180 pulled, while on a trip with the crew, to promote WTP’S Scorpio frame. This ad can be found in the Ride UK magazine, issue 175.

Wethepeople – Mikey Almodovar Edit

Scott Marceau still had some footage laying around from Wethepeople’s amateur connection from the US, Mikey Almodovar. He now put the clips together and here they are, ready for you to check them out. Mikey aka Small Fry has some nice street jibbing stuff on lock, but he also isn’t afraid of going big.
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Pete Sawyer Wethepeople Ad

With the new issue of the Freedom BMX magazine there also comes the new Wethepeople print ad featuring Pete Sawyer with a downside tailwhip in LA and the Crysis complete bike.

Wethepeople X Figure – Pete Sawyer

Figure BMX teamed up with Wethepeople rider Pete Sawyer to produce a very unique web edit. Why unique? Well, how many times you saw a rider shredding a ledge in cinema? I assume, not many time. They also brought this ledge to several other spots and now came out with an edit, you must not miss. Freecoaster stuff, grinds, hop over rails and more. Enjoy.
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Win A Custom Wethepeople With Red Bull Flow

Wethepeople has teamed up with Red Bull to give you a chance to win a custom complete bike with a Clash frame and Pete Sawyer’s signature bar. All you have to do is upload a clip to Red Bull Flow and hash tag it with #wtpclippin.

Raul Ruiz Video Bike Check

Raul Ruiz Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Vital met up with Raul Ruiz in Las Vegas to get a bike check done with his fresh new chrome Wethepeople Scorpio bike. Really dialed looking whip, mixed with Wethepeople and Primo parts.
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Frontocean – Wethepeople Complete Bikes 2013 In And Out

Guys over at Frontocean made this video to show you how a distribution works, the whole process from getting the products to sending them out to the shops. For example they went with the 2013 Wethepeople complete bikes, that just arrived in the warehouse.

Mikey Almodovar Bike Check

Head over to the Wethepeople site to check out a pretty dialed looking bike from Mikey Almodovar. I really dig this oldschool style look, raw, with white walls and brown leather seat.