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Wethepeople – Espana Vacaciones W/ Jason Phelan And Pete Sawyer

This was already up yesterday, but was taken down due to some technical issues, I guess. Anyway, Wethepeople sent Jason Phelan and Pete Sawyer on a week long trip to the Malaga, Spain back in December 2012 to escape the cold English weather and to enjoy sunny and warm weather down in Spain. These two came back with so much good stuff that Peter Adam captured and finally put together in this amazing piece. Last clips is insane. Must see.
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Adam Wright And Paul Robinson Bike Checks

Wethepeople has two bike check for you guys, Adam Wright’s (UK flow rider) and Paul Robinson’s (WTP employee). Find out all the closeup photos, what parts these two are running and one action photo from each on the Wethepeople site.

Dale Armstrong’s 3 Clips

Three clips with Wethepeople’s Dale Armstrong. The quality of the edit is poor, but this has nothing to do with those three clips Dale filmed. But it is all about that last clip, so damn good.
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Pete Sawyer Wethepeople Ad

This is a look at the newest Wethepeople print ad that you can find in the latest issue of the Freedom BMX magazine featuring Pete Sawyer with one long icepick grind and his signature The Wham handlebar.

Wethepeople ETC – Travis Collier, Clint Millar & Dave Osato

Some more classic stuff from Wethepeople and from their ETC video that dropped back in 2004. This section features flatland riding from Travis Collier and all sorts of technical stunts from Dave Osato along with guest appearance from Daniel Randall and Mike Rotondo. I simply love this stuff. Must see.
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Dylan Stark Off Wethepeople

After not being that long time on the Wethepeople team, Dylan Stark has parted ways with them. No further info for now, but since Dylan is one hell of a rider, I think we will be seeing him soon getting hooked up by another brand.

Spring Session BMX Contest

Wethepeople and Alliance teamed up to organize the Spring Session BMX Contest on March, 9th and 10th, 2013 in Bremen, Germany. This year they will keep it street style with a big rail competition. For a full line up of riders, go to the WTP site.

Wethepeople ETC – Josh Heino

New day, new section from Wethepeople’s ETC video is posted. This time it is the last section from the video featuring Josh Heino murdering street spots in front of Thomas Fritscher’s camera. The last gap to feeble is unreal.
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Wethepeople ETC – Max Gaertig

This is also one of the sections that I was constantly watching back it the day. Wethepeople just dropped Max Gaertig’s part from their ETC video from 2004 and if you know Max’s style, you know what to expect. But I really hope you already watched this one, cause it is ridiculously good, if you haven’t, do it now.
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Wethepeople ETC – Tobias Wicke

Tobias Wicke will never disappoint you with his riding, not even with footage that is now nine years old. This is ETC section, which was released in 2004 by Wethepeople and it includes technical riding, big ramp stuff and even street riding. Tobias Wicke fans, enjoy.
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