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Wethepeople Trust Complete Bike Promo

Last week Wethepeople riders, Dylan Stark, Chester Blacksmith, Andrew Jackson and Pete Sawyer, visited Transworld indoor skatepark to test out Wethepeople’s Trust complete bike. What a better way to give a complete bike on a test to one of your best riders?This bike will also go in a giveaway via Ride, so stay tuned.
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Wethepeople ETC -Brian Terada

It has been a while since Wethepeople posted a new section from their ETC video, they released in 2004. Here they are now, with Brian Terada’s section. I was watching a lot of Brian footage back in the day and always got amazed by how can he do all those crazy stuff on his bike. This might be old, but his riding will never get old.
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Wethepeople – Volta & Zodiac Completes Test

Wethepeople sent their new Volta and Zodiac complete bikes over to Spain for Pete Sawyer and Jason Phelan to test them out. You won’t have problems with nose manuals or pulling tuck no-handers with these bikes.
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Max Gaertig – End Of Year Vacation

The whip master Max Gaerting with a pretty insane End Of Year Vacation edit, filmed around Germany and Australia. Two tricks , that I still don’t know how he pulled them so clean, stood out, the half cab tailwhip to manual to 180 and feeble hard 180 tailwhip. Insane.
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Wethepeople – John Alden Winter Warehouse Sessions

Wethepeople rider through Ten Pack Distribution in Canada, John Alden, escaped the cold winter days in Calgary and hit the Warehouse for a few sessions and he managed to film this really good web edit for the sponsor. I still don’t know how the hell can a hand plant be pulled on a BMX bike.
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Lux X Wethepeople – Wilton Hedley

Wilton Hedley recently got hooked up by Wethepeople through Lux store Down Under. To say thanks for the new bike and stuff he spent a month or so filming clips around his local street and park spots and now come out with this solid clip, made by Chris and Tim Storey. Can last clip get any more crazier?
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Wethepeople – Reason & Trust Completes Test

Reason and Trust are both bikes of Wethepeople’s 2013 complete bikes range. They gave these two completes to Thomas Wegerhoff and Florian Koch to test them out at the warehouse. Looks like bikes are strong and also look pretty sweet.

Mike Brennan Off Wethepeople

This is really big news for all three, Mike Brennan, Wethepeople and BMX community. With 2013 Mike will be riding no more for his long time sponsor Wethepeople.
“Starting in 2013 Mike Brennan will no longer be riding for Wethpeople. This decision didn’t come easy for us. Mike has been on Wethepeople for many years now and with the start of Merritt we believe that Mike is on his own path with his new company. Mike will always be apart of the WTP family and will continue to receive our support in many ways including distributing Merritt. We owe Mike a big thank you for supporting us all these years. Mike is an amazing BMX rider, a motivator and a roll model for the younger generation. He is a hard working father that is perusing his dream in BMX. Starting a company from the ground up is not easy; just ask the many that have tried.”

Wethepeople 2013 Clothing Line

For 2013 Wethepeople redesigned all their clothing line, hoodies, T-shirts and hats, to keep you fresh and warm over the cold winter days. They also put together a flipbook to show you what they have to offer and what designs the chose.

Dima Prykhopko Weclome To Wethepeople Flow

Dima Prykhopko is a German based street rider who recently got a spot on Wethepeople’s flow team. Kid sure deserves it, because I saw tons of style, freecoaster lines and skills in this welcome to the team edit. How can there be so much smooth riders out there these days?
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