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What Hatnin – Hungry For Leftovers

Before What Hatnin’ crew starts filming new stuff, they collect all the leftover and unused clips and put them together in a web edit. There are some crashes here and tons of unexpectedly good riding for a leftovers edit.
Riding from Alexander Velasquez, Eddie Saucedo, Justin Henninger, Brenden Tombow, Sharkbait, Mauricio Robles, Jeff Hesbol, Josh Delcour, Nick Tellez, Lil Juan, Matthew Nietschke, Paul Alfaro, Dave Escobar, Arnold Vigoa, JJ Anderwald and Armando Ruiz.
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What Hatnin’ – Crash Edit

What Hatnin’ put together a collection of crashes filmed over the last year featuring Arnold Vigoa, Morgan Long, George Ramirez, Bobbie Altiser, Eric Lichtenberg and much more.
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What Hatnin – Get Lifted Than Get Down

“New What Hatnin edit gettin a little funky with it. Got a bunch of friends up in here all over ca getting it in, doing there thing. Thanks to everyone who ever comes in contact to this in any way, we had fun as always that shit matters haha.
Filming:Arnold Vigoa, Brian Johnson, Nick Tansley
Editing: Arnold Vigoa
Song: George McCrae – I get Lifted
Bmx stunt riders:Dillon Gassaway, Dave Escobar, Matthew Nietschke, Zach Vogle, Will Donohue, Armando Ruiz, Arnold Vigoa, Chris Bracamonte, Mike Jonas and Iz Pulido
Now tickle a goatburger with some hash on it.”
– What Hatnin.

Riding Around Park Edit

Riding Around Park Edit. from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

“This is just some park clips we gathered over time that have just been piling up. Decided to make a What Hatnin video I’ve been busy editing up all kinds of things for some companies lately. Thought we needed something fresh its been a while, enjoy!”– What Hatnin’.

The What Hatnin Clan Mixtape

The What Hatnin Clan! from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

“So we hit em with a mixtape featuring all the homies from around the way. Spots good times and some of the best dudes bmx has to offer! We out here on an adventure walking the streets cause we aint running!”What Hatnin’

What Hatnin’ – Still Fresh

Still Fresh from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

“WHAT HATNIN’ so we have been through some shit, between making a new rig that has an auto zoom built in, some new programs (slow mo-twixtor), and some injuries. We filmed the shit out of each other riding bikes, and we had a party doing it! So if you out in Ca hit us up, or follow us on TUMBLR”What Hatnin’

All Day BMX Jam Edit

“So we went to the All Day Bmx Shop Jam where we met up with Alex, he was nice enough to bring us to the park so we could get some filming. They have such a great community of riders and the scene is huge! I had such a blast filming riding and talking to all the locals, thanks for that hospitality and we will be making our way back soon!”– What Hatnin’. Please read more to get the video because it’s starts by itself.

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What Hatnin’ – Dont Gimme No Bammer Parks!

Dont gimme no bammer parks! from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

“With a few people getting hurt lately, we took it into liberty to get a warm up film session at some local parks. It is hotter than hell in California right now so enjoy some sun and some fun. What Hatnin’ we out here!”– What Hatnin

What Hatnin’ – Official Tissue

Official Tissue from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

Great west coast video from guys like Arnold vigoa, JJ Anderwald, George Ramirez, Will Donohue, Mando Ruiz, Jaun Herrera, Joe Vee, Matthew nietshcke, Justin Henninger, Brian Johnson and Mike.

What Hatnin’ – Shine Language

What Hatnin’ – Shine Language from What Hatnin' on Vimeo.

Here is a good all street video featuring George Ramirez, Arnold Vigoa, Hamilton Rorca, JJ Anderwald, Will Donohue, Dave Escobar and more.
“So Cal loving the weather the spots and everything else in between! Here is an edit put together of us riding around doing bike stunts. We speak in shine language son!
Music: Fitz and the Tantrums – Darkest Street
Editing: JJ Anderwald, Arnold Vigoa
Filming: George Ramirez, JJ Anderwald, Arnold Vigoa”