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Victor Ariel At Woodward West

Victor Ariel is from Chile and he recently hit the Woodward West facility and completely destroyed the place. Victor is a park rider and has quite a big bag of tricks and trick combos. The superman seat grab to tailwhip was for sure my favorite move of his. Highly recommended.
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David Peraza And Gerardo Martin At Woodward West

David Peraza (Kevin Peraza’s brother) and Gerardo Martin recentl ymade a quick trip to Woodward West to get some riding done and t also get some filming done for the split edit. Both didn’t have the best of luck, due to injuries, but they still managed to stack enough clip for this web video to happen.
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Tyler Bush 2013 Summer Edit

Tyler Bush is only 11 and is already killing it. Watch Tyler riding at the Team Soul camp, Woodward West and a couple of his local skateparks in southern California. Kid is pulling barspin, tailwhips, knows how to air a quarter and is getting familiar with lookbacks.
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2013 Mongoose Jam At Woodward West

From August 14th to August 16th there will be a 2013 Mongoose Jam at the Woodward West. Greg Illingworth, Steve McCann, Ben Wallace, Paul Ryan, Kevin Peraza and Cam White will be the captains of their teams (and of course will be also competing) consisting of four pro riders and one camper. Something like this already happened and it was awesome.

Freed Bikes – Woodward West Edit

Three of the Freed Bikes riders Corey Foster, DeMarcus Paul and Andy Smith recently spent some time at the Woodward West, where they filmed this four minutes long mix edit with help from Adam Sims behind the lens. Three different style and each going to the limits. Check out how big that tuck no-hander from DeMarcus was at the end.
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Day In The Life With Adam Banton At Woodward West

Spent a day with Adam Banton at Woodward West. From fooling around and ordering his special meal, to jamming in the music room and riding ramps, this is how his normal day looks like. Adam sure is a funny guy and I am sure kids love to have him around. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Woodward West – Mike Saavedra’s 10 For 10

Mike Saavedra’s ten clips at the Woodward West in celebration of Woodward’s ten years of being. Super stylish riding from Mike, a few barspins, turndwons and some back tire action. Mostly ramp riding, but Mike also touches some dirt. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Dan McNamara At Woodward West

Dan McNamara spent a month or so in the US recently where he met up with Tim Storey at the Woodward West and filmed all these clips. No idea how old Dan is, but I am sure he is still a young gun and when you know all the trick in here were pretty much first go, you know Dan is no joke. Edited by Jack Paton.
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Todd Cagle For Mongoose 2013

Todd Cagle, an 18 years old Mongoose riders, went completely out of control at Woodward West and thanks to Sean Zaidi for being there filming all the wild stunts. Todd is combining big skatepark moves with an awesome style, what makes his riding really enjoyable to watch. I am not sure, but did his cranks spin during the 360 double tailwhip?
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Adam Lee At Woodward West 2013

Adam Lee spent six months at the Woodward West as an instructor and when he wasn’t working he was enjoying riding the facility and came out with this solid two minutes long piece. Form ramps to rails and ledges, Adam killed them all.
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