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S&M Bikes W.T.F. Frame And Fork

It has been a while since the first mention of S&M Bikes’ W.T.F. frame and fork kit and now they announced the price ($399), so if you are in search for a new frame and new forks and you like light stuff, this can be just perfect for you. Think about it.

S&M W.T.F. Frame & Fork Info

Here is the updated version of S&M’s W.T.F. frame and fork info.
“The W.T.F frame and fork is lighter, stronger and more responsive than any frame and fork on the market.

The standard 12.5″ Axle-to-Crown dimension on 20″ BMX forks has been the same since 1974. The W.T.F’s 12″ fork was designed to be stronger and lighter. A shorter fork is a stronger fork because it puts less leverage on the crown.

Racers use a tall bottom bracket so they can pedal over rollers and thru turns with longer cranks. Street, park, and trail riders don’t need long cranks. Shorter cranks are a lot stronger and put your feet in a better position closer to one another. After testing lower BB heights, the consensus was a BB nearly half an inch lower than most.

With drop-outs getting smaller and smaller and only 5mm thick, even heat-trated models can bend. The solid Black Hole drops on the W.T.F are much stronger than regular drop-outs. They also don’t get hung up on stuff, and the female axels allow you to set up your rear-end slammed without struggling to get your chain on. With or without pegs no set-up is stronger or cleaner than the Black Hole drop-out and female axle.

At first glance the slammed front end and the Black Hole drops do look different, but so did the first BMX frame with an integrated head-tube we brought out more then ten years ago. After a lot of bitching and complaining about head tubes looking like beer cans, everyone switched. Thanks to those beer cans we now build our bikes in minutes without hammers and 2X4’s and we don’t ovalize our head tubes or break cups.”

S&M WTF Kit In Purple Haze

“It’s 4/20 today, so it’s the perfect time to release our new limited run of Purple Haze WTF frames and forks. These are a limited edition batch, so if you want to get your purple haze on, get one while you still can!”S&M.

S&M WTF Frame & Forks Back In Stock

The S&M WTF frame and forks kit is back in stock and available in all colors, flat clear, matte black, nam green, navy and unicorn white.
“These frames disappear faster then you can WTF, so don’t sleep on them!”

S&M WTF Frame And Fork Combo

Dylan Ambrose from S&M explaining everything about the WTF frame and fork combo, specifications and what makes this combo completely different from other frames and forks that are currently available on the market. seen on RideBMX.

S&M WTF In Unicorn White

A new color of S&M’s WTF kit is available. The color is called unicorn white but at first they want to called it “Man Milk White”. Seen on S&M.

S&M WTF Frame

S&M posted a little more info about their newest production the WTF frame and forks. This thing looks amazing and completely different that any other frame or forks in the market right now. Click here for bigger flier.