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Remembering X With Kevin Porter

Usually riders have good memories about X Games and their first X experiences, but with Kevin Porter things went completely in the other direction. First he could go on a plane with a bike, second, when he managed to get on a plane his bike got lost, third he crashed really badly trying out a 360 turndown to tailwhip on a Ruben Alcantara bike and fourth, when already being cut from the dirt and all destroyed his bike showed up. That sucks.

X Games To return To Two Events In 2014

X Games 2013 was really big, adding Brazil, Spain and Germany to their locations, but it looks like things will change for 2014. Due to economics of these events, they do not provide a sustainable future path, they will go back to two locations, on in Austin, Texas, for the summer version of the event and one in Aspen, Colorado, for the winter edition. Read full article about this decision up on ESPN.

Remembering X With Jared Washington

You pretty much won’t see Jared Washington without a big smile on his face. Here he is in the latest episode of Remembering X from ESPN talking about his X Games influences and Jamie Bestwick prank.

Sergio Layos – X Games Barcelona

Guys over at We Are Sunday caught up with Sergio Layos for a quick but really good piece filmed at the Eurocamp ramps and around some street spots. Everyone who is a foreigner and don’t speak English, learn from these guys and try putting subtitles in all your videos.
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Remembering X Games With Brian Kachinsky

Here is a great X Games story ESPN dropped from Brian Kachinsky. Brian is in the game for a long long time, but his parents didn’t saw him ride in person until the X Games. The moment when his mother was asking Mat Hoffman what time the contest will start is the best (and she didn’t even know who Hoffman is).

Remembering X Games With Luke Parslow

Just spotted over on the ESPN site this new quick interview with Luke Parslow, where he remembers the dirt scene at X Games Brazil and also the scene over there along with being most sicked seeing Travis Pastrana pulling a double backflip on a MX.

Remembering X Games With Austin Coleman

ESPN is back with a new quick episode of their “Remembering X Games” series featuring Austin Coleman remembering the amazing vert ramp scene in Brazil. Austin also tells how it is for him riding BMX for fun, but at the same time being a work.

BMX At 2013 X Games LA – Behind The Scenes

These behind the scenes from the BMX at 2013 X Games Los Angeles go behind the vert with Morgan Wade and behind the street with Dennis Enarson. It is always some kind of a session with friends, even if being a contest, always have fun doing it and don’t be too competitive, enjoy the sport.
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Red Bull Phenom Results

Red Bull Phenom is probably the thing that I was interested in the most at the 2013 X Games Los Angeles. Young dudes from all over the world were putting heavy work in their short video entries, but it was only a few how got a chance to compete at the street course. And yes, it was only one who won the comp and it was you German shredder, Felix Prangenberg. Brandon Webster from Canada was second and Grant Germain from the USA third.
Check out a video (with no sound) below.

2013 X Games Los Angeles – Street Finals Highlights + Results

Even if the course for the 2013 X Games Los Angeles street course wasn’t the biggest, riders sure went big and insane and especially technical with their riding. 6 minutes of insane riding from Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Jeremiah Smith, Ty Morrow, Simone Barraco and others in the video highlights from Ride BMX above and 5 minutes from Vital below. Look below for the finals results.

2013 X Games Los Angeles – Street Finals Results:
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Chad Kerley
3. Jeremiah Smith
4. Ty Morrow
5. Simone Barraco
6. Dennis Enarson

X-Games LA: Street Finals – More BMX Videos

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