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Arturo Kuko Welcome To 4130 Bike Company

Arturo “Kuko” – Welcome to 4130bikecompany 2014. from 4130 BikeCompany on Vimeo.

For 2014 Arturo Kuko will be riding for the 4130 Bike Company and this is the welcome to the team edit he filmed to make things officially. Plenty of solidness in here from the street and skateparks, filmed and edited by Yoni Cadenas.
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Jack Sheehan And Javi Parra Trip To Corby

Jack Sheehan and Javi Parra trip to Corby. from 4130 BikeCompany on Vimeo.

Back in August, Jack Sheehan and Javi Parra took a week long trip to Corby, England to shred indoor ramps and to get some filming done for this quick split edit, filmed by both and edited by Yoni Cadenas. They came back with a lot of quality stuff, definitely worth checking out.
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A Normal Class Day With Yoni Cadenas

A normal class day with Yoni Cadenas from yoni cadenas on Vimeo.

This is so awesome. Yoni Cadenas teamed up with really young guns Fernando Calderon,Dani Zancada, Esther Jimenez, Louis Salmon at the local concrete skatepark, where he filmed clips with them, to show this little shredders to the world. The best.
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Yoni Cadenas Testing His New Lights

Testing my new light with this guys. from on Vimeo.

It looks like Yoni Cadenas got new lights and he recently put them to test at the local skatepark during a night session with Fernando Laczko, Victor “Wini” Martin, Antonio Laczko, Sergio “Camaron”, Felipe Lope, Ben Alexander, Alejando Pozo Caracol, Simone Renato an and Pollo.
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One Session At Arroyo De La Miel With JP Chavez

JP Chavez spent three months in Spain and is now back to his homeland of Australia. One day he threw a filming session down with Yoni Cadenas at the Arroyo De La Miel concrete skatepark and this edit happened. All bunch of sweet stuff in this one.
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Yoni Cadenas Video Bike Check

Check out what Yoni Cadenas is currently riding along with serious of really good street clips for a good measure, making this a very enjoyable video bike check from Fisure BMX. Yoni has style and I like watching him wearing a helmet, even if jumping over sets of stairs, or grinding rails.
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Fisure BMX And 4130 Bike Company – 2013 Road Trip

Fisure BMX and 4130 Bike Company teamed up with Huelvano, Luis Ambo, Manuel De Jose and Yoni Cadenas and went on a road trip to shred some parks and street spots. They collected for almost five minutes worth of footage and put it together in this little documentary. Spots in here are looking too much fun.
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Samuel Carrera – Malaga Edit 2013

Samuel Carrera recently took a trip to Malaga, Spain for six day to ride and film for a new web edit. Unfortunately he wasn’t lucky enough and was able to film just for two and a half days, but even for having so little time, he still served with tons of good stuff. Filmed and edited by Yoni Cadenas.
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Team 4130 Bike Company Riding In Malaga

The 4130 Bike Company made a trip to Malaga, Spain about a month ago, where they met up with the rest of the team, hit trails and skateparks and filmed this dope six and a half minutes long web video. Spots are amazing and so is the riding from Javi Parra, Jack Sheen, Yoni Cadenas, Luis Sambo and Victor Martin.
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Fisure BMX – Facundo Guillamundegui Returns 2013

After a serious burn injury Facundo Guillamundegui is back in the game for 2013 and already coming in hot with this new park edit that Fisure BMX just dropped. It is great to see this guy back and fresh footage of him. Filmed and edited by Yoni Cadenas.
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