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Savakas – Ashley Charles Commercial

Ashley Charles Commercial from Savakas on Vimeo.

A quick little commercial for the England based clothing brand, Savakas, featuring Ashley Charles going over the trails and pulling a rad turndown. Filmed by Zach Krejmas and edited by Pierre Blondel.
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Zach Krejmas On Volume Bikes

Volume Bikes is stoked to announce that Zach Krejmas is their newest team member and he just built himself up a fresh new machine, that you can check over on their web site. I hope we will be seeing a welcome to the team edit very soon.

GSport – Garrett Reeves MD To CA

“Garrett and I took a short trip to ride the city of Baltimore, Maryland and stack some footage. Baltimore is one of the cities that Garrett rode the most growing up, so now that he resides in Long Beach, CA, it was rad to see him back on home field so to speak. Garrett may be a Long Beach transplant, but I think this video does a good job at showing how his wallride-filled, spot-oriented style of riding was shaped by the East Coast architecture he grew up riding.”– Zach Krejmas, GSport
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OSS “Ruin Your Whole Summer” Full Video

The third full length OSS video, “Ruin Your Whole Summer,” is now on the world wide web. It includes full parts from Alex Raban, Alex Donnachie, Matty Long, Alex Platt, Diego “Mono” Navarro, Zach Krejmas, Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero along with all their friends. Half an hours of madness, from big and insane stuff, to technical and creative moves. You better start pressing on that play button now.
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OSS – Ruin Your Whole Summer Trailer

The third OSS video “Ruin Your Whole Summer” will be officially premiered on July 3rd at the Long Beach Arts Theater, but in the mean time, what the trailer TCU just dropped to pump you up. It will feature whole parts from Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Alex Raban, Matty Long, Alex Donnachie, Diego “Mono” Navarro, Alex Platt, Zach Krejmas and the rest of the OSS team. This one is going to be so good.
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Zach Krejmas Welcome To GSport

Zach Krejmas is the newest member of the GSport crew and here is his welcome to the team edit. Zach is a very original rider, full of good lines, creative lines and freecoaster stuff. When there is a spot you don’t know what to do on it, Zach will definitely come up with something awesome. There is also a quick interview up on Vital with this guy about the new sponsor and a few other stuff.
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Sunday Bikes – Cory Wiergowski For The Homies

Can BMX riding get any more crazier? Well, I know it can, but this is unreal. Sunday Bikes’ Cory Wiergowski doing it for the homies with this fresh new, unreal and absolutely amazing street web edit. Cory killed it with every single move in here. Technical grinding, wallrides and riding crazy setups. Must see. Filmed and edited by Zach Krejmas.
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Long Beach / SoCal Mix Edit

There is a really good collection of clips in this one all filmed by Zach Krejmas. Featuring riding from Kareem Williams, Chris Rivers, Cory Wiergowski, Tony Neyer, Dylan Stark, Garrett Reeves, Ed Strong, Aaron Bostrom, Gabe Brooks, Jake Muras and Zach himself. Enjoy.

TCU Contennial Skatepark Session

Nate Richter ht up Contennial skatepark in Santa Ana, California, met up with locals, Sean Morr, Cory Wiergowski, Zach Krejmas, Josh Delcour, Dylan Stark, Alfredo Mancuso, Devon Denham and Adam22, and filmed this solid mix edit.
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Stranger – People Vs. Things

I must admit, I was really waiting for some time now for some fresh new stuff from the Stranger guys. Here is their first ever mixtape. Fourteen minutes of must-not-to-be-missed shredding from Rich Hirsch, Eli Taylor, Zach Krejmas, Charlie Crumlish, Eric Bahlman, Bobby Kanode, Jesse Whaley, Wolfman, Jake Muras, Matt Barchus, Wes McGrath and Craig Passero. Enjoy.
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