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High Desert To Long Beach

“It doesn’t get much better than cruising the streets with your pals. This is a bunch of stuff I shot while riding with various peeps in various places. From Arizona and the High Desert of California, to Riverside, Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. Riding from Jake Muras, Bobby Kanode, Eric Bahlman, Dave McDermott, Jake Ortiz, Matty Long, Chris Gille and many other homies, additional filming by Jeff Z.”– Zach Krejmas, Ride
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Long Beach Street Mix

Zach Krejmas filmed with his camera some really good riding around Long Beach, California with Dan Norvell, Kevin Porter, Tony Neyer, Drew York, Travis Kiesow, Chris Gille and many more. Seen on Ride.
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Zach Krejmas Interview

Zach Kerjmas, 22, talks about living in Long Beach and his hometown, plastic pegs, freecoaster, recent Stranger trip, OSS house and much more up on Ride BMX.

Sundown Session At Cherry Park

Sundown Session at Cherry Park – More BMX Videos

A chill session at Long Beach’s Cherry Park with Zach Krejmas and Kevin Porter. The first one kills it with freecoaster and the second one with originality.
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Zach Krejmas OSS Video

Zach Krejmas OSS Edit from On Some Shit on Vimeo.

“Technically this is Zach’s “welcome to OSS” edit even though he went on that Denver trip with us (free DVD’s!!!) and has been on for a while now. He is also our roommate and is one of the strangest human beings I have ever met. Someday I will write a book about him (if you combined all of my Tweets about him you’d probably have a short novel). His riding on the other hand, is simply unreal. He’s probably the most authentic street rider I’ve met since moving to California and is like some kind of weird new school Bob Scerbo/Ian Schwartz/Eddie Cleveland hybrid. Hopefully you enjoy this edit that was filmed mostly on his local stomping grounds of Long Beach along with some other clips from all over Cali.”– Adam, TCU.
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Zach Krejmas Bike Check

Take a look at Zach Krejmas’ chrome Stranger Dream Machine he just built. You can see some Stranger sample products like bars, stem, sprocket, pedals, cranks and Coastersaurus (well you can see this one to good).

Zach Krejmas Bike Check

Take a look at Stranger’s part time rider Zach Krejmas’ bike that he just built. He is riding black Dream machine with a free-coaster.

Stranger – Zach Krejmas And Jake Muras

Jake Muras and Zach Krejmas both doing it for Stranger and to prove that here is the video full of great and original lines.