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Team Shralp – “You Won’t” 100 Pools Book

TEAM SHRALP – “You Won’t” 100 Pools Book Teaser from Dean Dickinson on Vimeo.

“10 years of poached and permission pools are captured with hundreds of amazing images from iconic BMX photographers—Jared Souney, Justin Kosman, Jeff Zielinski, Ryan Fudger, Shad Johnson, and more. The stories pack 20 chapters and 200 pages. Eyewitness accounts with riders include such as Dakota Roche, Mike Tokumoto, Sean “Fish” Hoskins, Spencer and Austin McCabe, Chester Blacksmith, Brian Martyn, Kurt Rasmussen and countless others. Dean’s journey culminates with an epic session with all his friends at the iconic Pink Motel pool. The editorial team on the project includes Dickinson, Jared Souney, Mike Daily, and Mark Lewman. Presented by TEAM SHRALP. Dedicated to James Schiefelbein. Book coming soon!”– Dean Dickinson.



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