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Teasers For 2012 The Hunt Entries

Here are teasers for the 2012 The Hunt video contest entries. I can’t decide which is my favorite, because I think all are great and feature some really crazy stuff, so click read more, check them out and be amazed.

Ricky Moseley

Eduards Zunda

Pat Casey

Josh Perry and Nick Digeroloma

Tim Watson

Tanner Easterla

Jake Ortiz

Crazy Dan

Fernando Laczko

Jeremy Ball

Drew Hosselton

Chris Hughes

Broc Raiford

Anton Arnarson

Drew Quinlan

Mariano Santiago

Justin Care

Ola Selsjord and Ole Andre Kristiansen
Dylan McCauley

Christian Berauer and Philipp Koller

Billy Woodfins

Joel Marchand

Ray Varela

Oliver Jonasson

Chris Furmage and Corey Furmage

Spencer Bass and Cameron Muilenburg



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