Terrible One Treasure Hunt

If you feel like you are the one who knows how to search for hidden stuff, now is your chance to find some stuff that Terrible One hide In Austin, Malaga and Hastings. Read more about it below.

“We’ve hidden three packages containing T-1 grips, a Logan’s Run sprocket, assorted stickers and a voucher for a pair of Etnies Ruben/T-1 RVM shoes! One in Austin. One in Málaga. And one in Hastings.
Clues and photos for the Austin package will be posted on the T-1 website and Facebook page on the 1st of August. On the 8th of August, we’ll post clues and photos for the Málaga package, then on the 15th of August clues and photos for the Hastings package. The information can also be found on the 4Down and Etnies links listed below.
Good luck and happy hunting!”



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