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The Texas Adventure

The Texas Adventure from Andydreads on Vimeo.

“I’m proud to introduce “The Texas Adventure” bmx journey with Andy Persing & Scott Kline.
Filmed over the course of a little more than a week in Texas with not so great weather or luck with getting hurt and not feeling so great at the end of january in 2011.
Starting out the journey coming from LAX and going to DAL(Dallas Love Field) only to land and find out my bike had been partially destroyed and the head tube top cup had been dragged and ground all up.
We fixed that up and put my bike together and Scott took me around to show me a few spots that Texas had to offer. That first night we came across the rail in the thumbnail that had been named “Goliath” by myself that night and I said I would do it so I had to make sure to stick to my word.
Scott had been feeling a bit under the weather and things just kept going down hill for him when we rode the Yums foam pit and he went upside down. He got about 2/3’s of the way around and ended up jamming and hurting his wrist quite bad.
All in all the trip was a great time and we had some really good times and I hope this video gives you some insight on how the trip went.”
Andy Persing.



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