Texas Toast Jam 2013 – Dean Dickinson Project Manager

It is Dean Dickinson who will manage and plan the 2013 Texas Toast Jam. With experiences both in organizing events and riding, I know this is going to be another good year for TTJ.
“We’ve brought on our friend and trusted industry promoter of awesomeness; Dean Dickinson, to project manage this years Texas Toast Jam.
Dean has organized countless jams and events, worked with Justin Kosman on The Hunt project in 2012, put together a book and has ridden every pool on earth (probably). Dean is just the person for this role and we are stoked to have him on board. While Dean will be handling the bulk of the planning and organizing for this years Texas Toast Jam, Taj Mihelich will still be working close at hand as Toast’s overall source of guidance and inspiration for 2013.
Dean has hit the ground running and plans for TTJ 2013 are already underway.
If you wish to be a part of this years Texas Toast Jam, please contact Dean at:
Warning: It’s gonna be awesome again!”



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