The Best Mountain Bikes For Beginners

Often when we think of mountain bikes we imagine those big, cumbersome, clunky steel tanks that sit out their life rusting away in our garage. But the mountain bike is misunderstood. In reality, in order to cope with the changing demands of a fast trail, mountain bikes need to be light, nimble and responsive. If you’re looking to get a set of mountain bikes for your kids, this post will explore three options that meet the above criteria and will let your kids enjoy what mountain bike is really meant for – fast and exhilarating fun.

Carrera Vulcan: £359.99

Although it retails at £479.99, it is often discounted to the £360 mark in sale periods. And at £360, the Vulcan is a very good bike. Although it weights in at hefty 14.7kg, the Vulcan frame, with long top tube and short stem, draws a very good balance. It puts the rider in a comfortable position for biking many miles while still retaining the direct and responsive action that mountain bikes need for effective cornering. In terms of gearing, the SRAM eight-speed transmission works well and is a refreshing change from a components marker that is dominated by Shimano. The Clark disc brakes offer a very sharp response too, meaning corners can be cut into at very last minute. Overall, the Carrera Vulcan is an excellent introduction to the world of mountain biking and offers good value for money for the beginner.

Saracen Tufftrax: £289.99

The Saracen Tufftrax knows it can’t present us with the components for though, heavy trails and instead offers a good compromise for riders new to the world of mountain bikes. Because on smoother trails, the Tufftrax is in it’s element. And for most riders, it’ll be smooth trails until increased courage demands otherwise. Like the Carrera, the Tufftrax draws the balance between keeping the rider comfortable for long riders and still having very good handling. Overall, it is a very good entry-level mountain bike for riders to the sport who will be keeping to smoother trails.

Vitus Vee 1: £260.00

If you aren’t completely ready to take the plunge into mountain biking,the Vitus Vee 1 could be your thing if you are unsure. The Vee 1 still retains a mountain bike frame, but does away with the knobby tyres, making it an urban bike for though conditions. But the potential for full on mountain biking is still there with a frame clearance big enough to larger tyres. To cut down on cost, the Vee 1 does away with any transmission and offers a simple single speed system with a gear ratio as balanced for roads as it is for trails. More important the Vitus Vee 1 fills the criteria mentioned in the introduction. It is a light, nimble and responsive, all at a very attractive price.



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