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Thomas Hancock’s Section – The Impetus Of Cletus

“This is Thomas Hancock’s section from my full-length BMX film, The Impetus of Cletus. To date I’ve only released one full section from the film online (Josh Small’s), but I felt compelled to release Thomas’s section after he passed away on January 14, 2012.
This is one of the very few bmx video sections ever made of Thomas. Although Thomas had a sick style that was perfectly suited to video, bmx filmmakers didn’t seek him for their videos because he didn’t “fit in” enough with the contemporary bmx style.
When I told him I wanted to give him a full section in my film, he was stoked at the opportunity. He had the most style in Arizona at the time by far, and I was stoked that he accepted. I was privileged to shoot Thomas pulling his first backflip tailwhip since breaking his arm on that same trick, and becoming the first rider to tailwhip the Las Vegas YMCA skatepark stair gap.
Thomas was heavily influenced by motocross and motorsports culture. He grew up around it. His friends and family were into motorsports. It’s where he came from. When he made it in bmx freestyle, he didn’t try to hide or deny who he was. He rocked the moto-style in his clothes and riding, and didn’t try to change it to accommodate the masses of bmx hipsters.
Thomas once told me about the time on a Specialized tour that one of the other riders kept talking shit about his clothes, tattoos and piercings. Thomas warned him a couple times, but the guy kept running his mouth. When Thomas had enough, he hit the fool so hard he slept him. The rest of the tour the guy didn’t say shiiiit. I really liked that about Thomas. He wasn’t afraid to be himself, and he wouldn’t take shit off some dooshbag.
Thomas had a great attitude, and was just a cool, nice kid. It had been a while since I saw him last, and I’m sorry I’ll never get to ride or film with him again. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
Ride in peace, Thomas.”
– Jason Ryan.



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