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Thundercloud Ep 9 – Alex Nolan

THUNDERCLOUD EP 9: ALEX NOLAN from andy fortini on Vimeo.

“This episode is probably my favourite I’ve made so far. We filmed this over a few weeks but due to a particular third party wasting our time the release has been delayed. Like the rest of crew of riders he rides with Alex is a well rounded kid. An awesome rider and an even more awesome dude.
A lot of people find it easy to hate on people who are naturally talented at something. The truth is that no one, no matter how naturally talented they are, get good at anything with out putting in the hard work. Alex is one of those kids that gets good at whatever he gets into whether it’s moto trails riding or free ride MTB. In the last year or so Alex has picked up BMX and progressed at an incredible pace. He has not only put in the hard work to get good at the sport he loves he has whole heartedly embraced the most important part of BMX, having fun. Everytime Alex drops in he is having fun and that is what counts the most.
Alex’s riding speaks for itself so I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy.”
– Andy Fortini.



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