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Timmy Theus Chicago Alley Session

“I’ve been staying with Timmy Theus for the past few days at his house in Chicago in preparation for Chad Kerley’s vitaminwater® Invitational. Nestled on the south side of Chicago, Timmy’s house comes complete with a garage and an alley that is wide enough to get a fun session in on his new up ledge. Since he wanted to break in the new ledge and I wanted to test out some new camera equipment, we dragged the ledge into the alley and this is the result. When fellow Chicagoan Brian Kachinsky showed up, it made for an awesome session and of course, we had to get a fresh riding clip with the Wisconsin native to show that he’s back in full force. Check out Timmy’s signature steeze on his own personal setup–simple is usually better.”– Andrew Brady, RideBMX.



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