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Timmy Theus Interview

For this weeks “Friday Interview” Ride BMX sat down with 22 years old Timmy Theus.

What’s the situation like with your mouth/jaw that you damaged really badly on last year’s Cult/Vans trip?

I’ve got one tooth on the bottom that has to be replaced…I just quit going, I was over it…like…the tooth is there. I don’t need to go to replace it. When it falls out, I’ll get it done. But they put this thing in there, where all they gotta do is screw this titanium rod into this thing they put in there, then put a permanent tooth over it. And right now, this one is connected to my retainer, my permanent retainer from when I had braces, so it’s not going anywhere. All the top is done though. And I might have to get plastic surgery on my lip. My mom wants me to do it. I probably should, all that scar tissue isn’t good…like, I know y’all don’t notice it, but me…it’s still swollen, so when I see photos of myself, that’s the first thing. I can see it because it’s a little bigger. But it hasn’t changed shit. Everything’s still the same. I’ve actually been texting the girl I’d been kicking it with at the time and she said she’s gonna cook me dinner soon [laughter].



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