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Tony Cardona SA Cruisin

SA Cruisin from Tony Cardona on Vimeo.

“So I have been living in San Antonio, TX for the past two months. My rad girlfirend, one fine lady- Miss Kelly Smith, can ride her single speed bicycle like nobodys business. Kelly filmed this whole video on her Android phone to help me learn how to edit videos. It was a fun way for us to ride around and chill together, also to make the streets of San Antonio a little more familiar. From curb cuts gone wrong, to mid-bar patio sessions, lake jumping in Mexico to manualing thru San Pedro park (2nd oldest park in the U.S.A.) we had a good time together. I want to thank Kelly, my rad friend Nick and his roommates, my other rad friend Lucas, the state of Texas, everybody who has a laugh with me in this video, and my brothers and sisters that share this passion.”– Tony Cardona.



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