Ty Hardy Welcome To Amity

“Cam’s brother Ty recently went out to ride in Tenerife with some of the Amity crew. We were all so syked on his riding and attitude, that we decided it was wholly necessary to offer him a place on the team (we had been thinking about it for some time anyway & this just nailed it). A week after he got back home we told him the news & then sent him straight back out to Tenerife to film for the coming edit/DVD we are producing. Ty got to spend a week with us on the 46 foot yacht we had chartered & banged out some killer clips in between sailing & partying.
We decided to celebrate his welcome with this double page hop whip (shot by Dunk) in rideUK which has just hit the shops.. go buy it.
Ty is a sick guy & you will be seeing a lot more of him real soon.”
– Marc B., Amity.



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