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Vans And Orange Juice In Malaga, Spain 2014

Since last year’s very successful trip to Barcelona, Spain, We Are Orange Juice and Vans Benelux decided to get a new trip done for 2014. They decided to send the team to Malaga, Spain for nine days. They sent Kenzo de Witte, Mark Vos, Thijs Vervaeck, Roy Van Kempen and Jorn Tuijnman. While in Malaga they met up with locals Antonio and Fernando Laczko and legend Ruben Alcantara who showed the alls the amazing spots country has to offer. On the trip they managed to film a huge amount of incredible stuff to get this Vans X Orange Juice trip video done. It is now available for the whole world to see it and I highly suggest you to watch it. It is amazing and it includes plenty of scary stuff.
Video was made by Tom Lammerse with help from Daan Van Citters.




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