Verde Wins 2011 Ride To Glory

“Ride To Glory 2011 is done and we are stoked how the tour went. We ended up winning the tour based on the points we collected for the challenge book. To name a few challenges we completed: Picked up a hitchhiker in London, went into the ocean in Redcar (Baltic temperature), got tattoos in the van with a homemade tattoo gun, caught a fish, sang karaoke in a packed bar, and completed the 500 Tweet challenge, just to name a few things. We also attempted to ride our bikes as much as possible but the wind and rain forced us indoors and to spend long hours in the van to get to dry spots. The tour ended at the Nike Pool in London where all the challenge books from each team were tallied up. It was a great feeling to win the points book which scored Verde the cover of the Ride To Glory issue, 500 pounds cash, and an invite on Ride To Glory 2012. Next up is the video contest which should be dropping on the Ride UK website during the second week of June. Thanks to everyone at Shiner Distro for making the trip possible, Ride UK magazine, all the locals we met on tour, and all the other teams. We had a great time and will be back next year.”– Will Stroud. Seen on Verde.



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