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Wethepeople Occupy New York

“Every street rider dreams of splitting taxis in New York City…I know I did long before I ever set foot in America’s melting pot. Looking back now I couldn’t have imagined how big and fast paced New York was, that was 10 years ago and things haven’t slowed down at all. More people, more money and more chaos. Wethepeople have always had strong connections with the east coast over the past decade and it’s always a pleasure to get back to the thunder dome of great cities and see great friends… I chose this particular crew for NYC because I wanted some of our flow riders to mix with the pros. Mike Brennan, Mikey Small Fry, Andrew Jackson, Codie Larsen and Pete Sawyer all needed to hang out. Knowing that Brennan and Small Fry lived close to the city they would know spots to ride and neighborhoods to stay out of. I was almost just as excited for Codie and Pete to have their first experience in the big apple as they were. Like always, they did it right, killing the spots and splitting taxis in true New York style.”– Chester Blacksmith, Wethepeople.



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