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Wild Night Contest 2013 Highlights

Wild Night Contest 2013 by ECDC by EDHEC_ECDC
Here are the highlights from the recent Wild Night Contest 2013 that went down in France. There was a good mix of park and street shredders completely murdering the whole place, but the gold went to Todd Meyn, silver to Daniel Wedemeijer and bronze to Maxime Charveron. Full results after the jump.

1: Todd Meyn
2: Daniel Wedemeijer
3: Maxime Charveron
4: Harry Main
5: Daniel Penafiel
6: Jack Watts
7: Ryan Taylor
8: Tobias Wicke
9: Mathias Augris
10: Julien Massé
11: Anthony Perrin
12: Arnaud Wolff
13: Arthur Dietrich
14 & 15: Kamal Faraj & Jimmy Van Belle
16: Angus Gough



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