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Wine Country

Almost no tricks at all, just cruising and flowing around concrete skateparks, but the final product is something you will really enjoy watching from start till the end. A group of shredders, a van and a day of riding from spot to spot, finding new stuff to ride. Enjoy.
“We met up in the AM at the Potreo park to get in a early morning session. Jake honesto was in town so we decided to make a day of it and packed Jeff’s Twin’s TMNT van full of cameras, bikes and party essentials. We headed North to Wine Country in hopes of finding new spots and riding a few new parks. Pur first stop was St. Helena where we were harassed by the grounds keeper as soon as we pulled up. Jake managed to get a few good carves before the vibe got too weird. After our horrible decision on lunch we ventures out to ride a hidden dam and bomb some back country hills on our way to out final destination, Santa Rosa.”



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