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Winterfest Video

Winterfest video from Quynten on Vimeo.

“Bmx-er Jonathan Jansen organised a new format of jam in The Netherlands. Three dutch filmers had to form a team with two dutch riders and one international rider. Every team would get one hour (power hour) to film a video in the indoor skatepark Skateland Rotterdam. As one of the filmers I am presenting my video above.The winner of the video contest can win some big bucks.
Riders: Markus Reuss, Desmond Tessemaker and Daniel Wedemeijer.
It was so much fun to film and edit this, a real pleasure. Constantly running for a good angle and editing with a time limit was the hardest thing I have ever done videowise. I’ll hope you will enjoy it!
Special thanks to Jonathan Jansen, my team riders and special shootout to Desmond Tessemaker.”
– Quynten.



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