WTP – Claim Your Cover Facebook Comp

“Ever dreamed of having your name in lights? Yeah me too but lifes not a fairy tale so the best we at WeThePeople can do is to offer you guys the chance to have your very own Facebook cover photo. That means a photo of YOU riding your WETHEPEOPLE bike and we will keep it on the Facebook fan page for 2 weeks. Now there are rules, so listen up!

1. You must submit your photo no smaller than 850 Pixels in width and preferably landscape. (in order to fit with the Facebook style)
2. You must be between the ages of 10 and 25.
3. You must not be PRO. That means no major sponsors. This comp is purely open to those who are on their way up.
4. Pictures of your sister naked as a kind of bribe will not work.
5. You must also include your NAME. This is important as it will help us to convert it to lights.
6. You must be riding a WETHEPEOPLE frame.

Please send entries to
A special prize will be sent to the winners.
We will shortlist the first 20 photos in 5 days time.
The top 3 will be selected in 10 days time and will run for 6 weeks.
All photos will be chosen by you guys! yes, everyone on Facebook will be able to vote for the winners!
Have fun and “Claim Your Cover.”



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