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Yeah Zine – 2012 FISE Girls

Take a peek at the highlights from 2012 FISE Female contest that took place in Montpellier, France featuring Bea Ibanez, Nina Buitrago, Angie Marino, Alexia Dejoie, Camila Harambour, Shanice Silva Cruz, Mini Park, Barbora Ilievova, Jessica Ausec and more. So good to see the female BMX scene getting bigger and better.

“To say the least, not everyone was on top of their game.. Mini Park knocked a tooth out, Camila Harambour got knocked out and Shanice Silva Cruz broke/destroyed her ankle. To top that off, they messed up our live feed and our finals got rained out.
So! Here is a little edit of what we captured over the weekend. Some of the riding is during the girls runs and some is during our jam we got to have on Sunday. Enjoy! (It was all filmed in HD, had problems with compressing it, so the quality turned out not as great looking) :(“
– Angie Marino, Yeah Zine



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