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One Year Around The World

This is absolutely amazing. Mike Molineri spent the year traveling around the world, exploring new places and trying to ride his bike when he had a chance. While on the rode, he tried to document all the best moments and later put them together in this video. Enjoy.
“There is a little video from my trip alone around the world , from France to USA ,Hawaii ,Australia ,Tasmania ,New Zealand and Singapore .
Leave everything you don’t really need in the life and cross the oceans , country to country , islands to islands , to see , learn and experienced your life .
It’s only when you are alone with nothing around you that you know what you really wanna do …
No words to say how beautifull is the world , no words to say how peoples are amazing , i really would like to thank everybody who i met everywhere during this trip. Follow the flow like a free bird! Peace.”
– Mike Molineri



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