Zack Gerber Off Snafu

Zack Gerber is off Snafu. Read bellow what Zack and Matt Bischoff have to say about it.
“I have personally known Zack Gerber for a long time and was really stoked on having Zack a part of the Snafu team. Zack has always had a great attitude, being very appreciative of everything we did for him. Zack does what every Pro rider should be doing these days, Ride his bike, create his own media, and have fun doing it. We are sad to see Zack go, but wish him the best of luck in the future.”– Matt Bischoff

“Since the day Matt Bischoff called me to join the team, things have been nothing short of awesome. Both working with and riding for Snafu. I cannot describe my gratitude for everything Matt has done for me. Everything from taking care of me as a rider to the in depth conversation we’d have about every topic in BMX, and even being a true friend. I’m stoked on where Snafu is headed, but I had to explore new opportunities for myself and my future. Thank you Matt and Snafu for such an awesome experience. You guys rule.”– Zack Gerber



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