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Zorg Bikes 2013 – The Oregonian Odyssey

Kenny Kekow just hit me up with a write up about the seven days long Zorg Bikes trip he recently went to with the team, Luke Otten (owner), Nick Noble, Quin Doctor, Tyler Lynch, Chase McAlvain, Sean Thrower, Seb Abildgaard and Kris Abildgaard. After the jump you can find all the stuff they did and some really nice photos, riding and non-riding.

Day 1:
Everyone met up at my (Kenny) house in Fairfield. We then loaded up, hit the walmart for some road goodies then hit then road. First up was Klamath Falls skatepark. Place is super big and tons of fun!! Lot of fun was had, we even had some teenage skater hate on us for our pegs, sayin “them pegs best be plastic,” last place I expected to encounter a somewhat ghetto mentality. After enduring some ridiculous heat we head out to Bend. Here we set up shop for 2 nights at Chase’s parents cabin!

Day 2:
We started with some street for breakfast at a local high school near the cabin. Although it was slim pickins a few thing went down. Next up was a dirt park which looked good from afar but upon getting closer we soon realized the jumps hadn’t been touched in months. Although Chase seemed to make due through all the dust and crumbles. After this everyone was ready to chill for a bit, so we hit the river for a couple hours. fter it cooled down a bit we headed to the Bend skatepark. Though it was not bi, lots of fun was had. The park had a really good hip! After the riding ended we headed back to the cabin for some beers and some grub. This was shen we decided that we needed to head out in the morning. Next stop Salem!

Day 3:
We packed up and headed to Salem. It was a good few hour drive through the mountains. Once in Salem we landed a flea bag motel for the night. Then we hit the skatepark. The skateparlk was different to say the least. After riding here a few of us hear trails and followed along with some of the locals only to arrive at the infamous so lame trails. Upon arriving here we discovered they had been abandoned for some time… After this we headed over to the local BMX shop, Santim Bikes. From here local/bike shop employee Gonsalo Morales led us on a tour of Salem street! After a few hours of street riding we headed back to the roach motel.

Day 4:
We woke up and loaded up as fast as we could to get out of the grimey ass hotel! We then started the day at the Kaizer skatepark just outside of Salem. A skatepark filled with odd obstacles and transitions! From here we headed to our buddy Skylar Occisor’s pad on the Portland/Vancouver border. Once we unloaded, we headed to the Battlegorunds skatepark. This place was sick! Deep bowls, real transition, lots of fun! Everyone had a blast! This was the last spot for day 4!

Day 5:
We started day 5 by meeting up with our Portland tour guide Daniel Vandygritt! This day was filled with street, street, street and more street! We went everywhere from Portland state university to high schools, to arenas. Some bangers went down for sure! We stopped by GoodsBMX! Big shout to Shad Johnson for running a top notch BMX shop and giving us more spots to go to!!! From here we headed to Pier skatepark on the outskirts of Portland. A big bowl with coping and a full pipe were in full effect!
Here day 5 came to an end!

Day 6:
We woke up supper early and headed to Burnside!!! This place is always a treat to come to! They even had some new construction since the last time I had been there! Everyone had a blast! From here we hit another street spot, some banked metal walls. After this we headed to Tigard! The dinosaur was pretty friendly! It was also ridiculously hot!!! Thispark was amazing!!! Lots if lines!

From here we headed to the Lumberyard indoor skatepark. This place is nothing short of amazing! They had everything from an airbag jump to a pump trackmade of 2x4s. Here everyone had an amazing time and they even had a bar inside!!! You canpt beat that!
We ended day 6 here!

Day 7:
Once everyone got up on day 7 we all had decided we were to beat up to continue… Huge props to Skylar for letting us stay!!! Once we packed up, Nick, Chase and myself decide to go straight home. With everyone else opting to make another shop in Eugen along the way home. However, our attempt at a nice straight shot home was dashed when we realized we still had Skylars key and Kris had left more than half of his camera gear there. So we had to turn around and sit through midday Portland traffic a total of 3 times… So lame!!! Once we got this sorted it was nothing but straight shot home! Along the way we saw a huge forest fire and a double rainbow! Great sight for a not so short drive!!! Huge thanx go out to Gonsalo Morales from Santiam, Shad Johnson and GoodsBMX, Daniel Avandygriff, Skylar Occisor, Luke Otten for making it happen and Kris Abildgaard for filming the trip!!! Without you guys it wouldn’t have happened!!! DVD out soon!

Quinn Doctor – Toothpick hangover

Tyler Lynch – Flatty

Nick Noble – Turndown

Seb Abildgaard – Toboggan

Sean Thrower – Crank arm grind

Photos by Kris Abligaard, Kenny Kekow and Nick Noble.



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